I have been a full time investor for some time now. I’ve bought thousands of dollars worth of courses and have always had a return on my investment in these education type courses. I’ve actually purchased several courses on Subject-To and Lease Option from other educators and consider myself very well educated on the matter…even to the point of doing dozens of Subject-To and Lease Option deals myself. I got hooked up with Michael Jake’s Subject-To course because I just wanted to sharpen my skills and see if I could improve certain aspects of my Subject-To business. However, I did not expect the level of “awesomeness” in his course. I would easily say that the content of this course is at least 5 times better than any course on this subject that’s out there today. Reasonably speaking, this is a $10,000 course with out question. From the time I went through the course, implemented some of his techniques, and writing this testimony (3 or 4 weeks), I have added 3 deals ($40k approx.) that I wouldn’t have gotten with my old technique. Michael gives full access to the techniques he has used to acquire his properties and I can see why he’s been so successful. I highly recommend his course on Subject To, and if they are implemented, you’ll start seeing success almost immediately.

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