We are a small locally owned business with 3 of us working in the office.  Then everything else is sub-contracted out.  We have been doing real estate deals full time for 6 years now.  Prior to that, another 4 years sporadically (probably like you are now).

We have done over 500 transactions to date (as of 2010);  held 3 multi-families then went to single family homes.  We currently hold 80+ single family homes as either rent to own , lease options or straight rentals.  We have assigned 100′s of contracts to date and lost count on the flips and rehabs.  Short sales are now accumulating, although this had not been a focus in the past, in fact was something we referred out, is now coming into the mix due to the market conditions.

Michael started an organized mentoring program in 2005 and it has been attended by folks predominantly in the Colorado Springs and surrounding area to include; Denver, Pueblo, Grand Junction and Boulder to name a few.

Michael founded the Colorado Springs Real Estate Investing Club, then for the serious investors that want to take their investing to a more serious or more fulltime level there is Michael’s Platinum Mentoring /Coaching that includes more one on one, classroom training, and getting your business either up and running or to the next level.

Michael also has a radio show that airs weekly on KRDO you can hear his radio show live or online. Mike also does do phone consultations and teleseminars attended by folks nationwide.

Michael does attract the local crowd because he is still actively investing and he is very savvy about his market.  His students gain tremendously from his knowledge and experience but also his ability to keep them informed of changes in the market prior to them occurring because he keeps up with a tremendous amount of literature from the countless newsletters, news updates, one on one with other gurus and then of course teleseminars and webinars.   It is unbelievable how much he processes in a weekly basis in addition to actually doing deals himself.

He regularly masterminds with other gurus. Their combined experience and knowledge is invaluable. From this active investing group of experts, Michael constantly extracts their personal experience from successes to failures and is able to leverage several hundred years of creative real estate knowledge; and find the right mix of risk and security in his market to have continued success. Then, in conjunction with his vast local expertise he is able to produce a thriving business from which you can benefit . He applies this knowledge into action by cranking out multiple transactions a month while simultaneously teaching. It is refreshing to hear about the deal he is doing now and not always hearing about the same deal over and over like other gurus that are no longer actively investing themselves.

Michael primarily focuses his mentoring efforts locally. He enjoys training people locally in his own market because it is second nature for him, and does not require further market analysis- as he is constantly analyzing that market for his own investing. Teaching comes naturally to him and his “Rave Reviews” reaffirm his ability as a coach and mentor.

Having said that, you are not out of luck it you live across state line.  Michael does have a following in other states such as California, Arizona, Ohio, Montana, Florida, Michigan and even outside the US into Canada.  These investors have sought Michael out and been very successful under his wing and now have multiple transactions under their belt and have advanced into Michael’s VIP group that masterminds quarterly.

Most of all Michael Jake’s students say that his mentoring is superior to any other because Mike is right there in the trenches with them. Michael does answer student calls and emails himself.  He gives you the one on one he promises and instills confidence that allows his students to succeed. Don’t be left alone and confused, a mentor like Michael Jake can make all the difference.