... at least 5 times better than any course on this subject that's out there today


I have been a full time investor for some time now. I've bought thousands of dollars worth of courses and have always had a return on my investment in these education type courses. I've actually purchased several courses on Subject-To and Lease Option from other educators and consider myself very well educated on the matter...even to the point of doing dozens of Subject-To and Lease Option deals myself. I got hooked up with Michael Jake's Subject-To course because I just wanted to sharpen my skills and see if I could improve certain aspects of my Subject-To business. However, I did not expect the level of "awesomeness" in his course. I would easily say that the content of this course is at least 5 times better than any course on this subject that's out there today. Reasonably speaking, this is a $10,000 course with out question. From the time I went through the course, implemented some of his techniques, and writing this testimony (3 or 4 weeks), I have added 3 deals ($40k approx.) that I wouldn't have gotten with my old technique. Michael gives full access to the techniques he has used to acquire his properties and I can see why he's been so successful. I highly recommend his course on Subject To, and if they are implemented, you'll start seeing success almost immediately.

Brad Hovis - Denver

“Hey Mike,
I just wanted to give you a lil update on progress here…For me, since your class I have wholesaled 4 properties netting $22,500 rehabbed and sold 2 properties for a net of $45k…Currently I have 2 rehabs going with projected net on both 80k (1 was a killer deal) with one more rehab under contract to close in 2 weeks. All in all pretty good, that’s my update thanks for all the help…I think I have made copies of all my checks. Thought they would be cool to have. Thanks again.”

Curtis Booz
Denver, CO

Results not typical. Yours will vary. See “earnings disclaimer” at bottom of page.

Hi Mike,

“I just wanted to say thanks so much for the invaluable learning experience today! Your genuine interest in other people’s success is apparent in every component of the seminar and I feel fortunate to be on the receiving end of this learning experience. I knew it would be worth my money but I certainly didn’t anticipate the overwhelming value I would get (who could imagine REAL DEAL, turnkey real estate systems WITH all associated documents for $300?!). I am doing back flips with excitement to put the systems I learned into practice and I look forward to the day when I can move up to one-on-one mentorship!

You Are Appreciated,

Aaron Moore” Colorado Springs, CO

Lisa Robinson, Colorado Springs, CO did her first deal, no money down, with no banks and no risk after joining mentoring

“I want to thank Michael Jake for helping me get off the bench and into the game. I have attended several courses on investing and I had a lot of book knowledge but had not done anything with it. Michael helped me put all of the pieces together toward a successful transaction and the confidence to create other deals. I also find the networking with his group of like-minded investors invaluable. I am so grateful to be a part of the success Michael has created in Colorado Springs.
Thanks again!” – - Lisa Robinson, Nextage Pikes Peak Properties

I closed on that wholesale deal on Friday. I ended up netting $14,657!! Not too shabby. Thanks a lot for your help. On to the next deal! Talk to you later.”

Matt Granquist, Front Range Homes, LLC
Denver, CO

Results not typical. Yours will vary. See “earnings disclaimer” at bottom of page.

“Dear Mr Jake,
I can’t thank you enough for your incite concerning wholesale flips. I just purchased XXXXXXXXXX access to streamline the process and did not receive the level of training to function I was led to believe I would get.

After watching several of your series of training I now feel that I will make a deal in 7 days or
“BUST”, you have given me the information I was missing. I am in the SF Bay Area and the deals are to numerous to mention. I can’t wait for tomorrow when I get to put in a plug on my first realtor reo deal.

Thank you so much for your help and God bless you and your family for having honest integrity that is lacking in this industry of fast pitch training scams.

Franklin Strickland”

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“Hey Mike,

I just wanted to let you know its official! You couldn’t have been more right when you said that once I get my first $30,000 check I might reconsider my stance on not selling anything.

I just got back from closing on XXXX XXXXXXXXXX Drive in Foxhill sub. I bought it for $82,500 with holding and rehab cost combined, I had just under $100,000 total. It took me 98 days from close to close, about 45 days of that it sat idle while we concentrated on getting a sub2 back on the market. But in the end, we got a contract on it within 12 hours of it being on the MLS and even after Realtor’s commission and everything else we had to pay at closing, I netted just a little more than $30,000. Sales price, $140,000. Check I left Heritage with, $131,696.21

What I learned:
1. You gotta sell sometimes
2. Don’t be a handyman, be a deal finder
3. Its fun to make money now.

To be honest, I feel as though I could have done all this without you. However, I WOULD NOT HAVE! So for that, I thank both you and Lori for all the wisdom and insight you’ve given Lauren and I over the past few months. Its been a pleasure learning from you and I look forward to learning more.

Also, my cheap money I had from a private lender, the lender was hoping I could just keep the money instead of giving it back, seems they just want a check for the interest at the end of each year. This allowed me to transfer the note to another property I have with more expensive money of my own in it right now. Now I have a large sum ready to go a soon as I find my next house, which will be soon.

Thanks again for bringing me this far. If there is ever anything I can do for you, please don’t hesitate. Happy Holidays.”

Matt Jones
ei Limited”

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“Hello, Lori.
Please forgive my manners!! I forgot to say a HUGE thank you to you and Michael for the training seminar you put on last weekend! Awsome training!! So much really good material and you really broke it down to the “nuts and bolts” for the newbies like me. I’ve been out this week hunting down investors and deals that I could whole-tail to so I could make some cash. I don’t want to miss out on any of your future training…

Thank you both so much for such an educational and enlightening experience! You definately “over-delivered.


Darrell McGowan”

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Hi Michael,

Just wanted to share with you what happened on our fix and flip since our VIP call.
Between Sat March 7th and Mon March 9th, we had 5 showings and 4 of them put in offers!! One offer came in Sun at 9pm and 2 more on Mon before noon. I spent an exciting day talking to agents, answering their questions, getting their offers (highest and best) etc and had just sent off a counter proposal to change dates on what was our best offer when I got a call from from another agent Mon about 6pm that had just shown the property and was calling to see if we had any other offers at this moment. I said as a matter of fact I had spent the day juggling 3 other offers. He asked if we had accepted one yet. I told I had just sent the counter. He called back 10 minutes later and said his clients asked if they could offer more than what we were asking?!. So when he told me their price and terms we quickly withdrew our counteroffer as it had not been accepted yet so that we accept this even better offer. So by Mon about 8:30pm we an offer netting us about $5,000 more and closing more than 3 weeks earlier! Inspection is Sat and now that we’ve done our pre-sale inspection and resolution It should fly through and we will close on March 31st. The final offer was for $3,000 over asking, NO concessions, and close March 31st. We’ll keep you posted. Have a great weekend.

Kathleen and Keith

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“This is what I been trying to learn for many months” – - Susan Villar

(Susan sent me this comment from the FREE materials I give away)

I am still being blown away by this course!

I am still being blown away by this course. I wrote a testimony about how this course on Sub2 was the best I've ever bought and how it helped me secure more Sub2 deals than I had done previously. Well, I had to write a second testimony because Michael's teaching helped me secure a deal that I had lost just a few months before I had taken the course. The deal fell apart before because I didn't have enough "creativity" in structuring the deal. Somehow this seller got in touch with me again through a different form of marketing. The seller didn't remember me, but I remembered him. After approaching the seller differently using Michael's system, I was able to structure a better deal for him, get the deal I wanted, still get some equity, and cash flow $400/mo. It was really a win-win, and I wouldn't have been able to do it without the system Michael teaches. Thanks man.
Brad Hovis

“I was very comfortable with the few rental houses we had acquired over the past years, but after taking Michael Jakes class. our family decided to expand into different areas of investing. You’ll never get anywhere “just thinking about it……get out there and make some offers”, Michael said. We have now completed our fourth rehab and have just received a offer after being on the market only four days. Through this class we have a group of experienced investors that will always lend a guiding hand and have made life long friends. The accessibility to Michael Jake for “one on one” advise is just a phone call away and you can always expect Michael’s candor and quick wit to make you laugh! So glad to be part of such a great group!”

Cheryl Utesch

Colorado Springs, CO