This is NOT tired out “Fluff” from 5 to 10 years ago (or even a year ago for that matter)…(Updated and Reformatted to give you tools and techniques that are working (and working MASSIVELY WELL) RIGHT NOW)

“Total Newbies With No Experience Are Raking In Massive Profits


Buying And Selling Houses In 2 Hours (Or Less)…CHANGING THEIR LIVES FOREVER…In The Middle Of This ‘Recession’ While Everybody Else Swears ‘You Can’t Make Money In Real Estate’

DOZENS of raw rookies (including Mike’s own Mom!) are making their first real money in real estate RIGHT NOW and swiftly becoming the cream of the Real Estate Investing crop following this simple, Recession-Proof, “Lazy” system . . .

Will You Be Next?

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Results not typical. Yours will vary. See "earnings disclaimer" at bottom of page.


Ben Legg “Hi,

My name is Ben Legg. While I was working at KRDO in Colorado SpringsI met Mike Jake when he came into the station to do an interview. I began going to his classes and soon discovered a passion for real estate. I decided to leave TV and move back home to Virginia and pursue real estate. With Mike’s help I have been able to put my first 2 deals together which I will make a little over$ 35,000 and I have another deal in the works. Thanks Mike for all your help…you truly did help to change the path of my life.

Best Wishes,

Ben Legg”

Ben Legg's  first wholesale house check 6k

Ben Legg's first wholesale house check 28k

Results not typical. Yours will vary. See “earnings disclaimer” at bottom of page.

YES! I want Michael’s Updated Real Estate Secrets to Success!

You made the right choice! Now you’re on your way to making MORE MONEY real estate investing!

From: The desk of Michael Jake

Re: Incredible student stories happening right now . . . will you be next?

If you’ve been thirsting for proof that you can still make incredible money in real estate even today during this “recession” . . . without any experience and without risking any of your own money (even if you don’t have any money in the first place) . . . then this site is going to get your “greed glands” humming like crazy . . .

Here’s why: My name is Michael Jake . . . and not too many years ago (right after 9/11 . . .the last time the American economy and real estate market went to hell) I was sitting right where you are now . . .

I had a job I hated (I was a software geek/I.T. guy working in a cubicle farm . . . ever seen “Office Space?” That was my boring, awful life.) . . . a paycheck that couldn’t even cover my bills . . . $26k in credit card debt . . . two abusive mortgages that were eating my fiance, Lori, and I alive . . . 2 cars we couldn’t afford the payments on . . .

I bet you know what I mean when I say I felt like I was drowning . . .that any moment I’d run out of breathe and send Lori and I PLUMMETING into bankruptcy and poverty we’d never get out of.

I’d always wanted to try Real Estate Investing and thought it just might be my “way out” . . . but friends and my family thought that there was no way you could make money that way . . . that I’d be “crazy” to even try . . .

I Guess I Was Crazy . . . Because, Despite What My Friends And Family Said, I Tried This “Real Estate Investing” Thing . . . And Got RICH In The Process

Not that it was all smooth sailing (it was anything but) . . .

I didn’t have a mentor when I started out (would never do that now) and made MAJOR mistakes on my first couple of deals . . . in fact, back when I didn’t know what I was doing I actually LOST over $18,734 I couldn’t afford on boneheaded deals that I mismanaged . . .

But when I got it right? When the system clicked into place? Well, then my whole world changed and my income exploded . . .

The first deal I did the right way netted me $23,785 for just a few hours work. . . my second put $15,000 in my pocket . . my third gave me $18,000 and — with the confidence that I could replicate this system again and again — gave me the freedom to walk in and quit my job . . . And from there things accelerated FAST. . .

Within a year Lori and I had obliterated our credit card debt . . . paid off both our cars . . . and socked away enough money that we’d never have to live “paycheck to paycheck” again . . . (that was a GREAT feeling . . . I can’t wait until you get to experience it yourself.)

And today we live a dream lifestyles that drives our friends, our family members and even my old cubicle mates (who are still suffering and struggling under those awful fluorescent lights) absolutely green with envy . . .

We live in an awesome house in Colorado Springs . . . and you won’t believe the deal we got on it . . .

Pike's Peak from our deck

(Caption: Here’s the view off the back deck of our home in Colorado Springs. This is the view I wake up to every morning and see every night before going to bed thanks to my “Lazy” Real Estate Investing system. Life is good.)

We’ve got the cars of our dreams . .

We go on vacations wherever and whenever we want . . .

Heli-Skiing in British Columbia, Canada

(here's Lori and I on a Heli-Skiing Trip in British Columbia, Canada. We rented a 3,000 square foot house in Banff for a week and invited our family to come join us)

Helicopter Trip over the Grand Canyon

(Here’s Lori, myself and Josh sitting in a helicopter over the Grand Canyon. We gave Josh a memory that will last a lifetime . . . and it’s all because of the easy (if you know what you’re doing) money we make buying and selling real estate in ANY economy.)

We’ve got the freedom to utterly ignore all the doom and gloom awfulness you see on the news day in and day out . . .

And we make great money on-demand “working” just a couple hours a day . . . making and closing deals that put thousands or tens of thousands of dollars in our pockets each and every time even in the middle of this recession when the so called “experts” say you can’t make money in real estate (honestly, I love those guys. They make getting killer deals and massive paydays soooo much easier.)

Need proof? Here’s just a few of the checks Lori and I have collected (and cashed. . . that’s the fun part) free and easy right in the middle of this “recession” while everybody else is forced to suffer . . . just by using my simple, proven “everything done for you” system . . .

wholesaling houses check grapevine

Wholesale House check lassen

wholesaling houses check rosewood

wholesaling profits 19k

whoelsaling profit 25k

wholesaling check 10k

profit from wholesaling houses

Wholesaling check mears

Wholesaling check - Bison 2

wholesaling houses deal check Atoka

wholesaling check bison 1

Then just sit back and


…and here’s my first “real” one:

my first check from wholesaling a condemned house

This one is my first “REAL” one – about 3 hours total (rounding on the high side)


And that’s just a small sample of our RECENT deals (deals that have been done right in the middle of this “recession.”) We typically keep 3-4 deals humming at a time and sit back and relax as the checks show up like clockwork no matter how “bad” the economy gets. We’re very grateful . . .

But You Know What? My Success Shouldn’t Matter To You One Bit . . . It’s The Success Of My Students That Proves I Can Help You Get The Lazy, Almost-Automatic Income You’re Dreaming Of . . .

Honestly? If you’re looking for your “escape hatch” that’s going to get you the lifestyle of your dreams, you shouldn’t care one bit how much I and my lovely wife make . . .

You should only care about how much my students make . . . the people who have followed my system and put it into ACTION . . . how incredibly quickly they become successful . . . and how they’re doing RIGHT NOW even in the middle of this “terrible” economy and cannibalistic market . . .

All you should care about is whether I can teach other people to replicate my success . . . to obliterate their own debt . . . to become wealthy even in today’s market when so many others are suffering and just barely getting by . . .

Let Me Give You Just A Small Peek At The Amazing Deals And Massive Success My Students Have Closed In This “Horrible Market”. . . Many Of Whom Had Absolutely No Real Estate Experience Before They Met Me:

“Mike’s postcard marketing system worked great for me. I followed his system, and within weeks I had my first deal. I then assigned the deal and made $5,000. I am excited to use it in the future to increase my business. Mike provides all of the information you need, with proven results. I would recommend it to anyone.”

Chad Huber

Colorado Springs, CO

Results not typical. Yours will vary. See “earnings disclaimer” at bottom of page.

Kevin Kudrna made a total of $22,000 Cash on his first wholesale deal

“I just closed my first wholesale deal and made an assignment fee totaling $22,200! I’ve already received a check for $11,000 and will receive the other $11,200 soon . . .I couldn’t have done it without the help of Michael Jake’s guidance and expertise. Michael taught me everything I needed to know such as marketing for wholesale deals, talking and negotiating with sellers, making the right offers, and how to quickly find a buyer for my deals. Michael’s system has given me the confidence to repeat this process and make these big paychecks over and over again!” – – Kevin Kudrna, Retired Air Force

Results not typical. Yours will vary. See “earnings disclaimer” at bottom of page.

“…I’ve been investing in real estate, I’ve attended several bootcamps, seminars, done some training courses but I was really stumbling along as far as to get at my first deal. I joined with Mike Jake’s programs and since then I’ve been able to complete my first deal and in hand in check that day was $13,000.”

Shotzie Schwartzel

Colorado Springs, CO

Results not typical. Yours will vary. See “earnings disclaimer” at bottom of page.

Here’s My Favorite Student . . . MY MOM!


“It even works for the Mom of the Mentor. Mary Jean Jake, (Michael’s mom) holding her first check for $26,600.“

Results not typical. Yours will vary. See “earnings disclaimer” at bottom of page.

YES! I want Michael’s Updated Real Estate Secrets to Success!

You made the right choice! Now you’re on your way to making MORE MONEY real estate investing!

As You Can See From These Rabid Testimonials And Case Studies, When It Comes To Teaching People To Make Great Money In Real Estate Especially During A “Recession” I Know What I’m Talking About . . .

And I’m here to tell you, flat out, no question, that if you’ve got the right system in your corner and know what you’re doing (like I do . . .and like my ecstatic students with their new houses, new cars and new attitudes towards life do) then . . .

This “Recession” Isn’t a “Problem” . . . It’s a Huge Opportunity To Make Great Money And (If You’ve Got the Systems in Place) Maybe Even Get Rich . . .

An opportunity you can use to “insulate” yourself from the hemorrhaging stock market . . .rampant layoffs and downright violent world economy . . . to quit your job (and never need a boss again) . .. to give your kids a bright, secure future . .. to retire in style (and retire whenever you want . . . though why would you want to when making great money is so easy?) . . . to live the life you’ve been dreaming of while your neighbors, your soon-to-be-ex boss and even the so called “experts” on TV go green with envy and wonder how you did it.)

Here’s what this is all about . . .

In just a moment I’m going to tell you exactly how you can join an elite group of real estate insiders who have learned to take full, legal and profitable advantage of the recession . . . Average folks, just like you who quietly pull down thousands, tens of thousands or even HUNDREDS of thousands of dollars per month . . . without risking any money of their own . . . often spending less than two hours START TO FINISH on deal after deal . . . making huge profits even as “average” investors leap out of the market . . . no matter how “bad” it gets . . .no matter how “low” prices go . . .

I’ll tell you how you can become an “insider” in just a second . . . and will reveal the exact system my students and I use to earn these big checks RIGHT NOW . . .

But First, Let’s Talk About Some Of The Other Ways People Make Money In Real Estate . . . And Why They’re Downright Dangerous Now

There are three main ways that most people try to make money in real estate . . . all of which can be extremely profitable if done right . . . and all of which can be scary or even downright dangerous if you don’t have the right experience and systems in place in the middle of this “recession.”

What are they?

1. Buy and hold – rentals.

Everyone’s heard of this one . . .

You snap up a property either with cash or with a mortgage through a bank and hold onto it until it increases in value. Then you sell the property, count your cash. It works great during the “boom times” like what we had a few years ago. But during a “Meltdown” where housing prices are dive bombing all across the country? Doing a traditional buy and hold can be financial suicide.

Even worse, if you buy a house or a condo as an investment property you’ve got to make it cash flow while you own it . . . which means finding renters and turning yourself into a landlord . . . being on call at all hours, watching as your property gets mistreated and disrespected . . . breaking your back trying to keep your renters happy while they bitch and moan behind your back.

Not to mention that during a price implosion like we are in now, if you can’t rent out the home, and can’t make the payments, you may not be able to refinance or bail yourself out. Don’t believe me? Just check any real estate info on the internet or your local paper to see the millions of rental speculators who are sitting on un-rented homes, stuck, with no way to escape.

Sound like fun? I don’t think so either.

2. Rehabs.

Many people make money buying “ugly houses,” fixing them up fast and then “flipping” them for a quick profit. Heck, during the “Rehab Boom” people were making a killing doing this . . . and there were even TV shows talking about it . . .

So what’s the downside to rehabbing?

It’s a heck of a lot of work, usually takes a few months, and carries a ton of risk. If you want to make money as a rehabber, you’ve got to inspect properties, haggle with, and watch contractors like a hawk, (or put in sweat equity down at the lot yourself), dig around for buyers, negotiate contracts and put a ton of your own money on the line . . . money you’re in no way guaranteed to get back.

It’s an OK way to make money in real estate if you are a real “hands on” kind of person, if you like to work nights and your entire weekend fixing up a house, or enjoy monitoring every step of flighty contractors.

Most people who do rehabbing make nice sums, but they usually are modest, and are limited in scope. After all, you can’t rehab more than a handful of houses in a year without a lot of effort to build really good systems . . . and even then you probably need employees and overhead – yuck (ask me how I know about THIS nightmare.)

Even worse, when you’re rehabbing in a falling market, you’ve got to keep your eye on the clock like a hawk. Even a small delay (and there are ALWAYS delays in that kind of deal) can EAT your profits and drive even a “sure thing” deal into the red.

Even if someone is rehabbing and retailing they can still use wholesaling to profit on deals they pass on because they have all their funds tied up. Imagine how much money you’ve already lost by not knowing my secrets – blah, blah, blah – wholesaling= extra risk free profits on deals your passing up

3. Foreclosures

Let’s be honest, if you’ve got money in the bank and know where to find buyers, It’s an absolute boom time for making money in foreclosures.

All you have to do is find folks who got into a bad mortgage or have fallen on hard times, (and with the collapse of the sub-prime mortgage market, they’re everywhere), make them a decent offer, negotiate with their lenders…then turn around and sell the house on the regular market for profits.

But compared to what I’m going to teach you today, making money in foreclosures takes forever.

You have to go through the long and drawn-out short sale process . . . often have to wait 100 days or more to get your money (versus 30 days or less with the method I’m going to teach you now) and you don’t have to deal directly with people who have been screwed by a bad mortgage or a bum deal in life…and are being forced to sell their house. (I don’t know about you, but I really don’t like feeling like I had to take advantage of somebody. I love making money, but I love helping people even more.)

Personally, I look at foreclosures as icing on the cake . . . they can be a great way to make a ton of cash, but if you’re just getting started . . . if you want to make real money quickly . . . if you want the simplest way possible to get rich in real estate even in a tough market and without risking any of your own money . . . there really is a faster, better, easier way.

Which Leaves One Simple, Ridiculously-Profitable Recession-Proof Opportunity . . . Wholesaling Houses For Incredible Profits No Matter How Low The Market Gets . . .

What the heck is Wholesaling?

The word might make you think of “big box” stores where you buy toilet paper in bulk, but wholesaling is the business of finding killer deals below market value (no matter how high or low the market goes) and “flipping” them to other investors for CASH . . . without having to deal with banks . . . without ever “owning” the property yourself . . . and in just a few hours start to finish . . .

And it’s the only recession-proof way to make guaranteed profits in any market . . .

All of the checks and and testimonials you see on this site (and I’m adding more all the time) are from students who are making money wholesaling property . . .

They’re using proven systems I’ve created to find undervalued properties . . .

They’re using my legally-binding contracts to place these properties under their control without risking a dime of their own money . . .

They’re attracting rabid buyers who are desperate for a deal (and yes, there ARE buyers out there . . a lot of them . . . ready to buy if you speak their language and give them the right deal) . . .

And they’re pocketing $5,000 to $15,000 (OR MORE) per deal . . .all for “working” just a couple of hours at a time . . . never having to visit a property . . .never having to pick up a hammer…never babysitting contractors (or worrying about them running off with your money) . . . never having to do more than sign a couple documents and collect a check.

What Makes Wholesaling The Perfect “Recession Proof” Way To Make Money in Any market?

Recession Busting Factor #1: Wholesaling Is 100% Risk Free . . .

With other forms of real estate investing it’s WAAY too easy to get stuck holding onto a house, losing your equity and getting dragged down into poverty. With Wholesaling you NEVER risk a single dime of your money. You’re guaranteed to at least break even every time. There’s no other investment in the world with that kind of guarantee.

Recession Busting Factor #2: Wholesaling Requires No Cash And No Credit . . .

Let me say this twice so it sinks in . . .with Wholesaling you WILL NOT BE USING YOUR OWN MONEY TO DO DEALS AND GET PAID.

The whole reason I got into wholesaling in the first place was because I didn’t have any money to invest . . .and the reason I continue to do it today is because I like MAKING money . . . not risking it. The only thing you have to do as a wholesaler is find deals, pass them on to deal hunters and collect a big (often times HUGE) check . . it really is that easy, and I’ll show you exactly how to get into the “money position” on every deal you do and get paid fast.

Recession Busting Factor #3: Wholesaling Puts Cash In Your Hands NOW . . .Not 3 to 6 months from now . .

Everyone always asks me how long it takes to get your first check investing in real estate. It’s a REALLY good question.

And the bad news is that with most forms of real estate investing, you’ve got to wait MONTHS to get paid (if you get paid at all) . . .

You’ve got to buy a property (with your own money or with a loan . . . eek I hate loans) . . .

You’ve got to hold the property and fix it up . . .

You’ve got to put it on the market . . .

You’ve got to HOPE to get a higher price than you paid . . . (you can’t cash a “hope” check) . . .

And then, maybe, at the end of all that you get paid . . .

Let’s face it, in this economy, you need cash NOW not 3 to 6 months from now . . .

And that’s what makes wholesaling so incredible . . . with wholesaling you get your first check (for $5,000 . .. $10,000 . .. $20,0000 or MORE in just 30 to 60 days!

Of course all of the huge benefits of wholesaling only count if you learn to do it the “Right way” . . .

“OK, Mike . . . But How Do I Learn How To Wholesale Properties And Get Massive Checks In This Awful Economy?”

Great question.

After years of begging and pleading from students who can’t afford my one-on-one mentoring fees (I charge a lot . . .and get amazing results that change people’s lives) . . . I’ve decided offer for only one time this year (and it’s been over a year since I’ve taught these secrets) my newly updated step-by-step seminar training system that “installs” all of the skills and knowledge you need to make great money wholesaling houses in any market.

I call this system . . .

“The Lazy Man’s Guide To Wholesaling Houses Seminar” . . .

Why “The Lazy Man’s Guide?” . . .

‘Cuz I’m lazy!! The whole reason I got into this real estate investing game is because I was sick of “working” all the time and making my boss rich . . .

And because wholesaling is the easiest, laziest way to make money in real estate ever made available . . . and is the fastest way to make THOUSANDS or TENS OF THOUSANDS of dollars RIGHT NOW even if you’ve never invested before.

The core “Lazy Man’s Guide” seminar training is 8 hours (but often my seminars run over because I refuse to leave until everyone’s questions are answered) of LIVE TRAINING in which I walk you through EVERY STEP of my Lazy Man’s system . . . and show you EXACTLY what to do to get your own wholesaling deals going (even if you have no idea what you’re doing now.)

This main Seminar course covers every aspect of wholesaling from getting leads to finding the “hot deals” to closing a property to getting paid (and getting paid REALLY well even while everybody else is left sitting there, scratching their heads and wondering how the heck you did it) . . .

Plus it includes the “Lazy Man’s” workbook . . . including all the slides, worsheets and examples from the Seminar so you can follow along, take notes and learn at your own pace.

Here’s Just A Tiny Taste Of The Deal-Creating, Money-Getting Training You’ll Devour When You Grab Your Copy Of “The Lazy Man’s Guide To Wholesaling Houses RECESSION EDITION” Today

  • The two magic words that guarantee that you have absolutely no financial risk in any deal you do . . . and how to correctly use these “leverage words” so buyers and sellers trip over themselves to thank you for the valuable service you’re providing . . . even though they’re the ones taking all the risk!
  • How to quickly and easily sell hyper-discounted homes to ravenous buyers for enormous profits . . . without actually buying the house you’re selling! (HINT: I’ll show you EVERY step, technique and detail of this hyper-profitable system . . . and it’s all 100% legal, moral and ethical.)
  • THE absolute WORST houses to make offers on . . . how to identify even the sweetest-smelling “lemon” on sight . . . and why the houses most wanna-be millionaires are POUNCING on are the same properties that smart investors and insiders (like you) avoid like the plague. (Want to know why so many wanna-bes go broke in real estate? It’s because they never took the time to learn this one simple secret.)
  • Why UGLY houses mean MASSIVE PROFITS . . . and how to develop a finely tuned “UGLY RADAR” that drags you towards the hottest, most cash-producing properties automatically like a wolf hunting down a wounded deer.
  • The “Magic 8” Hot-House indicators that let you know a property is ripe and ready to put $5,000 . .. $10,000 . . . $25,000 . . . $50,000 or MORE deep in your pocket where it belongs without you having to risk a single dime of your own money. (What are these “Magic 8?” I can’t give this secret away here . . . but I go through each of them in exacting detail in The Lazy Man’s Guide To Wholesaling Houses.)
  • Secret tricks not one real estate pro in 1000 knows about figuring out the real market value of a home (in today’s market . . . not some fantasy market from a few years ago) . . .and the one simple easy-math equation you can use to know if a property is worth your time instantly, so you never have to waste a minute chasing a bad deal.
  • How to develop “psychic” real estate powers and figure exactly how much to offer on a property in 15 minutes or less . . .(OK, I’m a “tech guy” by training and don’t buy into this “psychic” mumbo jumbo . . . but once I lay out my the exact formula I use for determining how much I’m willing to pay for a home — and the quick and dirty tricks I put in the deal to make it irresistible to the seller — you might start to think there’s some “mind control” going on.)
  • My 30 second “Tire kicker avoidance system” that screens out time-wasters instantly . . . you’ll be able to screen leads without even having to talk to them on the phone or get off your couch and get to the serious (and seriously profitable) deals fast.
  • How to locate motivated sellers on remote control . . . and set up “win-win” situations where they THANK YOU for taking their property off their hands at deep, deep (DEEP) discounts and talk about you as their “real estate savior” for years and years to come!
  • EXACTLY who to market to in a “tough economy” . . . how to sniff out investors with money in their pocket . . . how to get on the “Speed dial” of hot buyers and become the “Go to guy” (or girl) they rely on for the hot deals (and who they pay out the nose for the privilege of working with.)
  • NO-MONEY REAL ESTATE SECRETS . . . and how you can become a pro-real estate investor who makes THOUSANDS or even TENS OF THOUSANDS per deal (just like my dozens of other staggeringly successful students) even if you’re broke . . . deep in debt (who isn’t these days?) . . . don’t have two nickels to rub together and are currently desperate for cash. . . . (LISTEN: If you’ve had anyone tell you you need your own money to get involved in real estate, they are LYING TO YOU. Fact of the matter is that the safest, fastest and most profitable way to make money in real estate doesn’t take ANY money at all! You’ll learn all my “no-money” secrets and close your first deal FAST when you hop on the Lazy Man’s Guide To Wholesaling houses today.)
  • How to identify hot, profitable areas to find property no matter what city you live in . . . without having to look at a single house yourself . . . pick up a phone . . . or even leave the comfort of your own home.
  • The 7 Deadly Words that can sink even a “sure thing” deal fast . . .and how to “tie up” and take control of property fast and easy . . . completely on the right side of the law and without having to risk a single dime.
  • How to get other people to become your eager, happy “marketing slaves” . . . busting their butts to drag hot deals to your door . . . day in and day out (even while you sleep . . . veg out on the couch or hang out at your kid’s soccer game) . . .
  • Real Estate Basics They Don’t Teach You In School . . . your very own “Crash Course” in how real estate investing works in the real world that will rocket you to the elite investor level and have you acting as a mover and shaker fast even if you hated school . . . flunked algebra and couldn’t write a “A” paper to save your life . . . (you don’t need “book smarts” to be successful in real estate . . but you do need common sense and the ability to take action and follow instructions.)
  • 4 Sneaky Tricks that turn the Multiple Listing Service into your own personal cash machine . . .
  • Why nobody knows the hottest properties are for sale . . . and 3 subtle methods you can use TODAY to locate the “cash cow” properties in your area in 15 minutes or less using nothing but a web browser.
  • How to obliterate seller resistance . . . how to get your mail opened, read and responded to . . . how to turn hard up strangers into your own private fan club . . .
  • How to develop a nuclear powered deal radar . . . (Follow this system and I’ll transform you into a DEAL MAGNET who sees super-profitable real estate deals everywhere you go . . you’ll feel like you’re Neo from the Matrix, able to see the way the real estate world really works while everybody else just scrapes buy taking the table scraps “the machine” gives them.)
  • The magic of “creative” offers . . . and how to wiggle your way to maximum profits with minimum risk, completely legally, ethically and morally playing the system like Michael Jordan on the basketball court and scoring almost every time.
  • My SWIFT RESULTS Deal Blueprint that my hand-picked students and I use day in and day out to suck in tens of thousands . . . even hundreds of thousands of dollars on deal after deal, even in (especially in) “Bad” markets . . . (No guessing. No “improvising.” Follow this blueprint and you’ll make fast money hand over fist month after month . . .obliterate your debt . . . . recession proof yourself . . . get the lifestyle you and your family deserve.)
  • The 5 things you should never do when acquiring a property . . and how to structure your offer so your sellers are giddy . . . feeling like they’re “ripping you off” even though they’re funneling thousands of dollars right into your bank account with no risk to you.
  • How To Avoid Getting Stuck in “BANK HELL” . . . why smart insiders never deal with the BS of bank financing . .. and how to pre-screen buyers with cash deals that put money in your pocket literally overnight.
  • Three simple “control” secrets that radically accelerate the entire buying and selling process . . . making sure you get paid fast (and really well) and maximizing your velocity so you can move on to your next incredibly profitable deal FAST!

Amazingly, using “The Lazy Man’s Guide To Wholesaling Houses” you’ll learn . . .

How To Bring In Hoards Of Hungry, Desperate, Pre-Qualified BUYERS Who Are Ready To Pay Your Asking Price And Put Thousands In Profit In Your Pocket . . . In Less Than Two Hours . . . Even In The Middle Of This “Recession” When “Nobody’s Got Any Money” (Yeah, Right . . . ).

Listen, if you’re reading this and salivating at the idea of taking advantage of the current market . . . making real money in real estate right now just like me and my many students then I know the big question on your mind is “how do I find qualified buyers with cash in hand ready to buy my properties?”

After all, if you read the paper, watch TV, listen to the yammering of politicians, look at the “sickening” glut of for sale signs on the street or talk to your average starving real estate agent, it looks like selling properties is hard because bank financing is all dried up and mortgages are so hard to find.

And the last thing you want is to get stuck holding a bunch of houses you can’t sell . . .

But I’m going to tell you right now that finding buyers with cash in hand is EASY if you know what you’re doing . . .

Have a lot of folks gotten “shaken out” of the real estate market by the economic collapse?


But the folks who are left are smart, have cash in hand . . . don’t need (or want) bank financing and are desperate for deals . . . deals you’ll be uniquely able to deliver to their door ON DEMAND when you go through the Lazy Man’s Guide To Wholesaling Houses system. In fact, in the system I teach you 7 tested, proven, LAZY, FREE ways to build your list of rabid, willing and able buyers.

I mean, think about it . . . even in this “crappy” market there are literally tens of thousands of deals going on every single day . . . and THOUSANDS of buyers looking for great deals on solid houses.

(Big Hint: Unless you know who these buyers are — they don’t “advertise” in the way you would think — how to find them, how to speak their language and how to play their game you won’t stand a chance of closing a single deal with the “big boys” . . . and will waste a lot of time and a lot of money trying! Luckily, you’ve got a tested and proven insider on your side . . . I’ll show you EVERYTHING you need to know so YOU can be on the “Inside” . . . dealing with the REAL players of real estate . . . making SERIOUS cash — thousands or tens of thousands per deal — while your friends, your neighbors stare at your new cars, big screen plasma TV’s and all sorts goodies that show up at your house day after day . . . wondering how you’re getting RICH in this “recession” even while they’re worrying themselves sick over bills . . .are scared of getting laid off . . . are mired in debt and are barely hanging on!)

Don’t believe me? Take a look at just ONE of the deals I did in the last month . . . how quickly I was able to find a buyer . . . how I was able to get EXACTLY the price I wanted and how I had eager buyers MAD AT ME because I sold the property too fast. What a great problem to have! . . .


Bank Wire $7,000 profit on wholesaling a house

(On Tuesday, I met the seller at a very trashed rental house (surprise, it was rented to their adult kids who trashed it!). We actually put the deal together in the driveway since the house stunk so bad. While I was there I got the house tied up and on my way home I started calling my best buyers. Within a couple hours, several of them were fighting over who got the deal. Above is my wire proceeds from the closing (I didn’t go to that one since I was on a plane bound for a vacation). It all happened between Tuesday and Thursday and I had less than 2 hours of my time in the whole deal. And get this – below is an e-mail from one of my buyers who didn’t say yes fast enough! Ouch!

This is the mean e-mail I got from one buyer who didn't get the deal

Three buyers called me asking to see it, AFTER I already had the cash in the bank. I spend some time on the phone with them to train them, …when they get an e-mail from me with a deal, “Snap, Snap”, they don’t last long!

AND THAT’S JUST ONE DEAL . . . I do deals like this (and get emails like this) all the time . . . I’m going to teach you ALL my secrets in “The Lazy Man’s Guide To Wholesaling Houses” which means you’ll be doing deals just like this FAST!

But you know what? We’re still not done . . . in the Lazy Man’s Guide to Wholesaling Houses, you’ll also discover . . .

  • Secrets of closing BIG MONEY deals using email . . . (follow these simple tricks and you’ll make more money sitting in your underwear watching the big game than you used to make working a WHOLE MONTH breaking your back at work or getting fat at your old dead end job.)
  • How to turn wholesaling from a “hobby” that pulls in a couple grand a month to a business that makes you hundreds of thousands (or even millions) of dollars per year working LESS (much less) than you did at your job . . . giving you the free time you crave and giving you the freedom to opt out of the recession and live the life you’ve dreamed of.
  • How to avoid the paperwork doldrums . . . and how to automate the complete buying and selling process so all you have to do is write a few emails, sign a few papers and CASH THE CHECK.
  • Savvy investor tax secrets . .. and how to keep as much of your “easy money” in your wallet where it belongs and not in the IRS’s grubby paws . . .(OK, some “BAD NEWS” . . . once you put this system into action you’re going to jump a few . . . or more than a few . .. tax brackets FAST and suddenly be really mad at Obama for taxing you more if you make over $250k a year. I know, it’s a tough life.)

And much, much more . . .

But most of all, when it all boils down to the profitable punch, you’re going to learn . . .

How To Buy And Sell Houses For Big Profits In A “Bad Economy” . . . Faster And Easier Than You Ever Thought Possible Before . . .

. . . and how to make thousands, tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars per month while “working” barely at all . . . risking not a single dime of your own money . . . living debt free . . . safe and secure . . . living the life you want without having to answer to anybody!

No matter where you are right now or what your situation is . . . can you imagine what your life will be like when you finally stop struggling, stop suffering and grab the piece of the good life that you’ve wanted for so long?

I know you can.

And even if you just absorbed and put into action the information in the “basic” version of The Lazy Man’s Guide To Wholesaling Houses I know you’d achieve that dream . . .because so many of my other students already have (students who’s amazing stories you can see all over this page.)

But I want to make this a “no brainer” for you . . . and make your decision easy because you KNOW this is the most powerful and most effective results-based real estate investor training you can possibly get . . .

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Success Acceleration Bonus #1: How To Ethically Use Bank Foreclosures To Create Your Very Own “Bailout” And Pull In Massive Profits On Undervalued Properties Literally Overnight!

If you’re serious about making money in Real Estate TODAY then you do NOT want to miss this . . .

It’s a fact, banks around the world have been failing at a staggering, mind-numbing rate . . .

And the banks that have managed to stick around this long are absolutely DESPERATE to get foreclosed properties off their books.

After all, banks are in the business of lending money . . . not selling houses. And right now they’ve got billions of dollars of homes they just don’t know what to do with.

I teach how to wholesale foreclosed properties (REO – stands for Real Estate Owned)

“Hi, my name is Louis Batides, and following Mike Jake’s wholesale course, I went out on the first day, found a property, purchased it, wholesaled it; an REO property and made $6,000”

Louis Batides

Results not typical. Yours will vary. See “earnings disclaimer” at bottom of page.

“Following Mike’s system, within three weeks I was able to wholesale a house and made $5000…the whole transaction went smoothly. Thanks,”Dan Roeber

Results not typical. Yours will vary. See “earnings disclaimer” at bottom of page.

Houses and properties that you can then turn around and sell for truly AMAZING profits no matter how low the real estate market goes.

Through a lot of begging and a little arm twisting (Okay, I just asked him) I’ve been able to corner the man who many consider the absolute KING of bank foreclosures and force him to spill all his secrets for my students.

I can’t tell you this man’s name (let’s call him MR. X) but he pulls down $30 – $50K EACH AND EVERY MONTH from bank owned properties . . . and does it without risking a dime of his own money . . . without bird dogging or searching for houses. . .without paying flash cash . . . without doing much “work” at all . . .

In this exclusive interview, Mr. X will reveal . . .

  • Why Bank Foreclosures (or “Real Estate Owned Properties”) are a profit-producing goldmine in ANY market . . . . and why this “Secret” way of wholesaling houses is actually MORE profitable when the market is going down or staying flat.
  • How to buy and sell bank foreclosed properties with NO marketing budget AT ALL . . . once “Mr. X” and I show you where to find these properties you’ll wonder why anyone buys and sells houses any other way.
  • Mr. X’s tested and proven formula for buying and selling bank foreclosed properties so you’ve got NO RISK (and none of your own money in the game) . . . and so you know exactly how much profit you’ll get out of a property from the very first moment you see it.
  • Sneaky online tricks you can use to AUTOMATICALLY get notified when hot foreclosed properties come on the market . .. often days or even WEEKS before “everybody else” knows a deal is out there.
  • 7 Simple Secrets the pros use to get offers accepted FAST even if you don’t have any money of your own.

You can get your hands on this “game-breaker” interview, but only if you act now. I’m under a lot of pressure to take this bonus OUT of the program and sell it for hundreds . . . but I can still offer it to you if you act now.

VALUE OF BONUS: $197 . . . at least.

PLUS . . . You’ll Get the “How To Wholesale Real Estate Owned Properties In Any Economy” course I have ONLY done for my personal mentoring clients (each of whom paid at least $5,997.00 to work directly with me) . . . absolutely free!

You’ll get . . .

  • LIVE training where I walk you through every aspect of how to find, close and PROFIT FROM Bank Foreclosed properties.

  • All the street level, nitty gritty details to knocking down wholesale profits with very little time invested . . I’ve designed my systems so that you ONLY spend your time looking at deals that will get you paid.
  • ALL the forms and systems you need to get started in Bank Foreclosures FAST . . . plus process maps and diagrams that lay out every step as simply and immediately-actionable as possible.

How Powerful and Profitable is this information?

Louis closed his first Bank Foreclosure the first day out, so did Dan, so did Cliff, so did Joe – none of them had even THOUGHT about tapping into this incredible profit stream before they saw this info.

Listen: Most people (even most “experts”) don’t even know what they don’t know when it comes to wholesaling bank owned properties/foreclosures. The rules have changed and if you don’t know what you’re doing in today’s market you can have a deal completely blow up on you . . . or, worse yet, never get a contract accepted in the first place.

Find out what you don’t know, find out how to automate the process, find out how NOT to waste your time energy and efforts doing it the wrong way and follow my simple instructions to go out and make a deal your first day at it.

Value of this bonus? Most newbies are using my techniques to make at least 5k on their first deal . . . and to line up deal after profitable deal after that fast and easy like clockwork.

My private mentoring students pay me THOUSANDS of dollars . . . and, until now, have been the only ones to get access to this information.

Heck, I JUST paid my lawyer over $1,235 bucks to create these forms and I’m GIVING THEM to you for no charge!

The REAL WORLD value of this information is at least $997 . . . but it’s yours free as part of this special Seminar offer.

Success Acceleration Bonus #2: Michael Jake’s “All The Forms . . . All The Work Done For You” Success And Implementation Kit

Honestly, I’m incredibly jealous of you right now . . .


Because when I quit my software geek/I.T job (I wasn’t really good at it anyway) job and got started in real estate I had to learn everything the HARD way . . . had to pay lawyers out the nose to get forms, contracts and documents created . . . had to waste a lot of time and a lot of money figuring out exactly what tools I needed to make massive wealth in real estate.

But you? If you act fast enough, you’ll get to skip all that and get unlimited access to all of the forms, documents and processes that I’ve painstakingly created over the last 8 years and will be able to ethically CHEAT your way to profitable deal after profitable deal.

As part of your Success And Implementation Kit you’ll get . . .

  • Risk-Free Purchase and Sale Agreement written and vetted by a real estate law pro to ensure that you NEVER have any financial risk in any deal you do.
  • Michael Jake’s “Building Your Wholesale Team” process map, outlining EXACTLY who you need to create an “automatic money” wholesaling team . . . shows you how to recruit and helps you get massive bang for your buck.
  • Tested, Proven Deal Formulas that make even “complicated” deal math easy and show you exactly what percentage and margins you need to aim for to be successful . . . keep this sheet with you and you’ll NEVER fall into a bad deal and will eke out maximum profits every time you sign a contract or go in on a property.
  • Proven “Lead Squeezer” ads “the Formula” I’ve used to drag hot, qualified leads to my door month after month after month . . . no writing or knowledge of marketing necessary . . simply place these ads in your local paper or online on craigslist and you’ll have hot properties showing up at your door gift wrapped and ready to put money in your pocket.
  • Bird-dog recruiting, hiring and training systems to allow you to almost instantly create your very own lead-generating bird dog team fast, cheap and with incredible results.
  • Property Inspection Sheet no handyman needed – we use this form for our bird-dogs that go find ugly vacant houses for us – they fill out the form so we don’t have to waste time finding out what’s needed to fix the house or waste time going out to inspect it. A huge time saver – also allows the bird-dog to research all the owner’s information for us – I also give them the “training kit” to teach these bird-dogs how to do it for us, run my ad, host a meeting hand out instructions and turn them loose – “my Starbucks System” first time I ran my system it turned into $42k+ in profits with less than an hours effort. – I use this system to recruit an endless army out looking for deals me that only get paid for performing – takes less than an hour a week to run. Value of the system – $197
  • Closing Preparation Checklist to guarantee you cross every t and dot every i on your first, 2nd, 5th, 10th, 20th, 200th deal . . . I STILL print up and go through this checklist on each and every deal I do and it’s saved me THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS.
  • And more . . . every form, contract and document you need to do deals fast and profitable (Affadavit of Purchase and Sale agreement . . . Authorization to release information . . . much more) all $packaged on a single CD so you can edit every document right on your PC in Word. This is really a whole “Wholesaling Business In A Box” on disk . . . and it’s yours FREE if you act now! Forms value – $3,997 or more to have them drafted – if you only knew the different ways I’ve been burnt and had to create a form or clause to counteract that from every happening again – which you wouldn’t know – so even if you paid all that money, you still wouldn’t have forms this good.

Value Of Bonus $997.00 . . . at least.

Success Acceleration Bonus #3: 3 MONTHS Of Personal Mentoring With Michael Jake . . . (Bonus Strictly Limited)

My wife Lori thinks I’m nuts for this one . . . heck, I think I’m nuts for this one, but there’s simply nothing that give me more joy or satisfaction than guiding new investors from “wannabe” to “Making money” status fast.

That’s why, for a limited time, I’m offering unrestricted email access to me for 3 full months of one-on-one mentoring.

3 full months where I’ll answer ANY question you’ve got . . . pick apart your deals . . . vet your contracts . . . tell you what you’re doing right . . . tell you what you’re doing wrong and GUIDE YOU BY THE HAND TO REAL ESTATE SUCCESS.

How much is this kind of one-to-one access worth?

My personal mentoring students pay me upwards of $7997 for the privilege of having me look over their deals . . .

And when I do “hot seat” consulting calls, I regularly charge over (375) per half hour . . .

But as part of this special promotion, you can get access to my private email address (the one I check incesently on my phone) for FREE.

Here’s the catch . . .

My time is VERY valuable. The whole reason I got into this business was to have more money and more free time to enjoy it. And my wife makes damn sure I don’t spend all my time working when I should be out enjoying the incredible life I’ve got with her.

So if you want to take advantage of this frankly awesome bonus you have to PROMISE me that you won’t waste my time. Your emails must be straight and to the point, with answerable questions and real problems.


Because I value my time so much, I can only offer this as an Early Bird Bonus for signing up RIGHT NOW.

There’s no “waiting list” . . . to grab this bonus you’ve got to act now. And if you go off to “think about it” and come back later, don’t be surprised if this whole section is taken down because this bonus is no longer available.

But you can still get one on one access if you act now. now.

Value of Bonus: $1999.25

How Much Would You Invest If You Knew You Would Join My Dozens Of Students Who Get Checks And Results Like These On Demand?

Let me just break something down for you . . .

Making money in wholesaling (when you’ve got the systems down) is pretty darned easy . . . but it does take some kind of time commitment.

But when you begin to “do the math” and compare the time you’ve got to invest to do this right versus the amazing amounts of money you’ll make you’ll have a pretty amazing “aha” moment.

For example, it takes me about 2 hours of time on average to close a wholesale deal worth an average of $14,373 dollars” . . . that means, on average, I make $7,186.00 PER HOUR!

That’s just average! I’ve had some deals where I made a LOT more than that . . . and the WORST I ever did on a deal (years ago, back when I barely knew what I was doing) I made over $507 an hour (which is more than most LAWYERS make.)

Compare that to what most people make at their jobs . . .compare that to what you make at your current job . . .

When I was working as a software geek and swapping dollars for hours, I made $36 an hour . . . and thought that was a pretty good income until I “woke up” to wholesaling and increased my income by over 1000 percent!

How much is your time worth?

How would it feel to have this “making money” thing finally under control in your life . . . to have the skills to create wealth in ANY economy no matter what, even while everybody else is suffering and worrying and barely hanging on? How would it feel to be able to be generous with those around you because of the money-getting secrets you know?

Let’s just cut to the chase . . .

The cost of “The Lazy Man’s Guide To Wholesaling Seminar” plus your three limited bonuses is just $497 dollars.$297

If you’ve been around the “real estate” world for a while that should seem low to you. Especially when you consider just how much you’re getting for that price.

Most of the big real estate “gurus” would charge you thousands for a home-study course like this . . . and would deliver not 1/3 of the value or the results that you’ve seen peppered all over this page from my ecstatic students.

But you know what? I’m not a guru. I’ve never been a “guru” and I never want to be a guru.

I’m an investor and a deal maker first and foremost. It’s why I get up in the morning. It’s what I enjoy more than almost anything else in this world.

Unlike a lot of “gurus” out there, I make waaay more investing in real estate and putting this material into ACTION than I do in selling courses like this . . .

So I can afford to be generous and to give you what, in the real world, is several THOUSAND dollars worth of value for just $497.$297

$497 $297 to gain the skills, the step-by-step systems, the tools and the personal access to me (if you act fast) that will transform you into a tested, proven and wealthy investor making REALLY big money RIGHT NOW.

My wife, my mentoring students and my business advisors tell me I’m crazy for letting this info go for such a small price . . . after all, the minimum you’ll make when you put the “Lazy Man’s Guide To WHolesaling” into effect is $5,000.00 . ..

That’s $5k (more than most people make in a month) less than 2 hours of “work” . . . and once you master the system and truly join the ranks of “insiders” who are killing it in this economy, you’ll make a lot more than that.

Heck, even if you completely “slack off” you’ll still be able to close 15 deals a year and easily crack the six figure mark using this system.

$497 $297 for a six figure business? Huh. Sounds like pretty easy math, but let me make it even easier for you with . ..

Michael Jake’s Rock Solid “You’ll Make Money In This Economy Or Else” Guarantee

I want to make this as simple as possible for you, so I’m going to offer you an amazing money-back guarantee.

Guarantee: Sign up today for “The Lazy Man’s Guide To Wholesaling Houses Seminar” plus ALL of the great bonuses.

Go through the Live Seminar Training on July 17th. Read the manual, mark it up, take notes in it all day long. Absorb it. If you don’t BELIEVE WITH ALL YOUR HEART that this material will let you finally escape the shackles that have held you down for so long and are going to rocket you to the abundant six figure income you want in record time, I’ll refund your small investment, No Questions Asked.

If you don’t think you can GO AFTER this amazing opportunity and make great money in this market, then I don’t want to waste your time and I don’t want you to waste mine. You’ll get your money back, and we’ll part as friends.

No questions asked. No malarky. I’ll treat you the same way I treat all my business partners (and they love me.)

If you don’t think this Seminar course will pay for itself over and over (and over) then I really don’t think I deserve to keep your money. Maybe that’s old fashioned, but it’s just the way I was raised.

Listen: Let Me BE Serious For A Moment . . .

I only want you to invest in this Live Training course today if you’re SERIOUS about making this the year that you finally get RICH in real estate.

No matter what “rich” means to you . . . whether that means making MILLIONS or just replacing (or doubling) your income and having more time for your life and your kids.

If you’ve got that fire in your belly . . . if you’re ready to escape the doubt and the debt and to “opt out” of this crappy economy . . .then this is your invitation to take action, change your life and join the dozens and dozens of my students who are doing incredibly well RIGHT NOW.

You’re getting a truly Incredible LIVE educational package and audios from the Live Event.

You’re getting all my tools, all my forms and my whole business in a box.

You’re getting (if you act fast) unrestricted email access to me. . .

The deck is stacked in your favor. You really can’t lose.

But You’ve Got To Make Your Choice Now . . .

Imagine yourself just 30 days after the Seminar

In one future you’ve finished going through the Live Training course . . you’ve had your questions answered . . . you’ve put the tested, proven ads and systems into action . . .your leads come to you with almost no work . . . you’ve followed simple instructions, closed your first deal . . . found a buyer easier than you thought possible . . . you’re holding a check in your hand for THOUSANDS of dollars . . .more than you’ve ever made in a whole month before . . .maybe more than you’ve made in a year.

In another future you’re still right where you are now . . . Suffering. Struggling. Worrying about money. Searching for that “big opportunity.”

Which future do you want to live in? How ready are you for massive success in this “bad” economy?

Make your choice now. Sign up now for “The Lazy Man’s Guide To Wholesaling Houses Seminar” . . . you won’t regret it. And in no time flat you’ll join the many others just like you who have become raving fans with success stories right here on this site.

To your success,

Your Real Estate Mentor

Michael Jake

P.S. I’ve seen it again and again . . . smart, ambitious people who fail to make the money they dream of in real estate because they make the same ten mistakes again and again.

What are these “wealth killing” mistakes?

  • Paying too much for a property when a killer deal is sitting there to be had . . .
  • Working with bad or misinformed agents . . .
  • Spending too much time thinking about repair costs or rehabs. . .
  • Thinking you need money to get involved in real estate (you need almost nothing at all if you have the right system in place.)
  • Taking any prospect that walks in the door instead of pre-qualifying.
  • Not making offers the right way . . .
  • Taking bad advice from “gurus” who have almost no real experience making deals . . .
  • Listening to a 20 dollar e book written by someone who knows nothing about how the real estate business actually works.

How many of these mistakes will you make? How many have you already made? With the Lazy Many’s Guide to Wholesaling Houses Seminar you won’t make a single one of them. You’ll have the leads come to you. Will close the deal the right way. Will sell to a ravenous buyer in hours. Will have your first check in days.

But only if you act now.

P.P.S. As I said a moment ago, the personal email mentoring with me bonus is extremely limited. If you want to have all your questions answered . . .all your deals vetted . . . you must act now.


You might be asking yourself . . .

“Is this right for Me?”

Thats’ a great question . . but it’s one I simply can’t answer for you. Read through this letter again. Look at the many, many testimonials from satisfied students (students whose lives were changed forever by the information in this course . . . think about the life you have. Think about the great life you want. Then, and only then, should you make your decision.

YES! I want Michael’s Updated Real Estate Secrets to Success!

You made the right choice! Now you’re on your way to making MORE MONEY real estate investing!

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