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Our Real Estate Market is Changing Quickly, learn the basics of wholesaling and how to adapt to a changing marketplace.

Fix and flippers are crying from lack of deals…the time of the real estate wholesaler is back

Here’s Just Some of What YOU will Learn…

9+ Ways to Wholesale Real Estate Without Banks, …real world strategies used in today’s market. Every Scenario is covered…designed for TODAY’s MARKET, even if the Bank Picks the Title Company…and why the obvious way isn’t always best for YOUR situation.

How to Wholesale REO Properties Easily

How to Wholesale HUD Properties

Advanced Strategies for Wholesaling Houses Without EVER Looking At Them!

How to Easily Build a List of Eager Buyers to Wholesale Houses to in a Matter Days

9 Complete Marketing Systems to finding the best deals from Motivated Sellers

How To Extract Deals From the MLS Automatically

How to Work with Realtors on Listed houses, REO’s & HUD’s

How to Show Proof of Funds for Bank Owned Properties

How To AVOID Title Seasoning Rules with REO Properties

Proper disclosures to sellers and buyers

How to Negotiate Short Sales the EASY Way How to Negotiate Deals Like a PRO With Motivated Sellers – Learn Exactly What to Say and How To Say It from a 10+ year Deal Making Veteran

How to Flip “Terms” deals…you don’t need to find “all cash” deals to assign…There’s far more pretty house deals with low equity you can assign or “wrap” for Big Profits

How to Estimate Fixup Costs in 15 minutes or LESS even if your a complete beginner

And much, much more! For ONLY $497

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This isn’t a “theory” seminar full of hype from some internet marketing expert…this is a real world “How To” Seminar with all the detail level Tactics You Need To Make It As A Real Estate Wholesaler.

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BONUS 3: Michael Jake’s “All The Forms . . . All The Work Done For You” Success And Implementation Kit…Honestly, I’m incredibly jealous of you right now . . .Why?

Because when I quit my software geek/I.T job and got started in real estate I had to learn everything the HARD way . . . had to pay lawyers out the nose to get forms, contracts and documents created . . . had to waste a lot of time and a lot of money figuring out exactly what tools I needed to make massive wealth in real estate.

But you? If you act fast enough, you’ll get to skip all that and get unlimited LIFETIME access to all of the forms, documents and processes that I’ve painstakingly created over the last 10+ years and will be able to ethically CHEAT your way to profitable deal after profitable deal.

As part of your Success And Implementation Kit you’ll get . . . Risk-Free Purchase and Sale Agreement written and vetted by a real estate law pro to ensure that you NEVER have any financial risk in any deal you do.

Michael Jake’s “Building Your Wholesale Team” process map, outlining EXACTLY who you need to create an “automatic money” wholesaling team . . . shows you how to recruit and helps you get massive bang for your buck.

Tested, Proven Deal Formulas that make even “complicated” deal math easy and show you exactly what percentage and margins you need to aim for to be successful . . . keep this sheet with you and you’ll NEVER fall into a bad deal and will eke out maximum profits every time you sign a contract or go in on a property.

Bird-dog recruiting, hiring and training systems to allow you to almost instantly create your very own lead-generating bird dog team fast, cheap and with incredible results.

Property Inspection Sheet no handyman needed – we use this form for our bird-dogs that go find ugly vacant houses for us – they fill out the form so we don’t have to waste time finding out what’s needed to fix the house or waste time going out to inspect it. A huge time saver – also allows the bird-dog to research all the owner’s information for us – I also give them the “training kit” to teach these bird-dogs how to do it for us, run my ad, host a meeting hand out instructions and turn them loose – “my Starbucks System” first time I ran my system it turned into $42k+ in profits with less than an hours effort. – I use this system to recruit an endless army out looking for deals me that only get paid for performing – takes less than an hour a week to run. Value of the system – $197

Closing Preparation Checklist to guarantee you cross every t and dot every i on your first, 2nd, 5th, 10th, 20th, 200th deal . . . I STILL print up and go through this checklist on each and every deal I do and it’s saved me THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS.

And more . . . every form, contract and document you need to do deals fast and profitable (Affadavit of Purchase and Sale agreement . . . Authorization to release information . . . much more, LLC & Trust Sales Docs) all packaged in digital format so you can edit every document right on your PC in Word.

This is really a whole “Wholesaling Business In A Box” on disk . . . and it’s yours FREE if you act now!

Forms value – $3,997 or more to have them drafted – if you only knew the different ways I’ve been burnt and had to create a form or clause to counteract that from every happening again – which you wouldn’t know – so even if you paid all that money, you still wouldn’t have forms this good.

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…You get me there to support you through that first deal (or 200th for that matter…I know we’ll have some full time wholesalers in the room who will be looking for new and creative ways to add profitability to their deals) FREE for 30 days and you can start WHENEVER!

If you have kids and a busy life and don’t think you can start immediately, …no proplem, I’m here when you are ready. I’m only offering the Revised Wholesaling Secrets Seminar to Very LIMITED Group.

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