Discover how to get your life back without using your money or credit.

... at least 5 times better than any course on this subject that's out there today


I have been a full time investor for some time now. I've bought thousands of dollars worth of courses and have always had a return on my investment in these education type courses. I've actually purchased several courses on Subject-To and Lease Option from other educators and consider myself very well educated on the matter...even to the point of doing dozens of Subject-To and Lease Option deals myself. I got hooked up with Michael Jake's Subject-To course because I just wanted to sharpen my skills and see if I could improve certain aspects of my Subject-To business. However, I did not expect the level of "awesomeness" in his course. I would easily say that the content of this course is at least 5 times better than any course on this subject that's out there today. Reasonably speaking, this is a $10,000 course with out question. From the time I went through the course, implemented some of his techniques, and writing this testimony (3 or 4 weeks), I have added 3 deals ($40k approx.) that I wouldn't have gotten with my old technique. Michael gives full access to the techniques he has used to acquire his properties and I can see why he's been so successful. I highly recommend his course on Subject To, and if they are implemented, you'll start seeing success almost immediately.

Brad Hovis - Denver

I never *have* to work another day in my life if don’t want to.

(As I say that, I can see my wife’s eye’s rolling back, because she knows I’ll never give this up.  I love it too much to quit.)

How did I manage to pull it off?  Especially, when 10 years ago, I was living on my next pay raise and racking up more and more credit card debt trying to make ends meet. . . it’s really pretty simple.

I started buying real estate.  I started and I kept buying houses that made *sense* at the end of every month.

The problem was, when I was starting out, there was no way for me to get where I wanted to go if I had to rely on banks for financing my next deal. . .and that was when getting money for real estate was easy.  Now we have the best buying opportunity we’ll see and banks won’t lend.

The only way to make long-term wealth – and enough of it to actually live the lifestyle is NOT relying on banks to buy houses. . .not having to come up with bid down payments.

When I discovered how to buy as many houses as I wanted, without going to the banks, that’s when things really changed.

Once I discovered how to buy houses by taking over the loan already on the house (called buying “subject-to”) my business skyrocketed.  And once I put my “system” together, it got easier and easier.  Now my wife and I own enough houses that pay us month in and month out.

And looking to the future it only looks better.  Even if prices slide more before our market recovers, I could care less.  You see at the rate they are “printing money” the only thing that can result is inflation, and inflation forces rents up over time.  Rents go up and my debt service goes down.  Time only creates more and more income.  It’s a beautiful thing!

In the past I have only once shared my secrets to buying houses “subject to” outside of my $6,000-$8,000 Platinum Mentoring group, but for now, for ONE TIME in 2012 I am going to make this course available.

Anyone who is serious enough to take advantage of the massive opportunity this market allows can get in on this ONE TIME course while I’m still offering it.

I am still being blown away by this course!


I am still being blown away by this course. I wrote a testimony about how this course on Sub2 was the best I've ever bought and how it helped me secure more Sub2 deals than I had done previously. Well, I had to write a second testimony because Michael's teaching helped me secure a deal that I had lost just a few months before I had taken the course. The deal fell apart before because I didn't have enough "creativity" in structuring the deal. Somehow this seller got in touch with me again through a different form of marketing. The seller didn't remember me, but I remembered him. After approaching the seller differently using Michael's system, I was able to structure a better deal for him, get the deal I wanted, still get some equity, and cash flow $400/mo. It was really a win-win, and I wouldn't have been able to do it without the system Michael teaches. Thanks man.

Brad Hovis


Here’s what you’ll get with this amazing course:

Discover how to get your life back without using your money or credit.

How do I find sellers motivated enough to deed you their house while the loan stays in their name

You’ll learn exactly what I say when I’m on the phone to get them to agree to do it

Exactly what documents you should use to buy “subject to”

How to quickly and accurately determine the value of the property and know that what you’re about to buy will really make me money

How to buy houses in a way that makes them incredibly easy to sell?

The 3 most effective keys to attracting sellers and increasing your response rate. (How to save thousands of dollars on marketing)

Why you don’t have to take calls from sellers.

The critical words and steps needed when creating ads or mail outs.

The 2 most efficient ways to let sellers prescreen themselves out so you’re only left with the “best of the best.” (This alone puts you back in control of your time)

The right way to prescreen leads in seconds to identify sellers who “need to sell” versus those just “fishing for an offer” who’ll destroy your productivity and attitude.

What to look for so you’ll be able to instantly examine the seller’s situation and set yourself up to sell to anyone with money or credit. (The existing financing is the key)

My complete win/win formula to negotiate price whether the house is financed or free and clear. (You’ll more than double your offers accepted)

How to construct offers  and know you’ll make a profit should you decide the deal’s good enough for you.

Why taking over loans instead of paying cash is the key to doing “win-win” deals, maximizing profits, long-term wealth, the best tax treatment (it’s not what you make, it’s what you get to keep) and making More from doing Less. (Just think how much fun it’ll be when you have everything to gain and nothing to risk)

How to ask and get sellers to deed you their house”subject to” their existing loan. (It’s all in your credibility, your presentation and knowing how to systematically overcome their objections)

What you should do to avoid the due on sale clause and why trusts are the best solution.


  • A Complete Workbook outlining the entire “Subject-To” Buying Process
  • Un-edited Audios of the training event so you can re-listen to the entire day-long workshop in Automobile University
  • All the forms and contracts I’ve paid my attorney over $5,718 to create and review for my business.
  • Step by step of the entire “Subject-To” process from start to closing, including strategies, tips and tricks, and all the nitty-gritty details.
  • How to avoid the common mistakes that will kill your deal every time.
  • How to Find the Deals
  • How to Negotiate the Deals
  • How to Justify Your Offers
  • What to say to sellers and how to overcome their objections
  • How to fill out all the forms and a complete forms CD.
  • How to systematize the whole process
  • How to Make Fast Cash on “sub to” deals without EVER dealing with a tenant

Advanced Strategy:  Multiple Exit Strategies – other “Advanced” techniques for creating cash out of thin air and flipping strategies that creates Multiple Paydays – AND – how to get sellers to PAY YOU to take their house!

  • BONUS:  30 Days of e-mail coaching support from Mike that you can start whenever YOU are ready.  Let me help you get through the hurdles on your first deal!

Mike, I’m Ready!