This letter contains an urgent and confidential invitation for Clients Only

“Announcing The Most Exclusive Colorado Real Estate Mentoring Program … Add $5,000 to $27,000 Per Month To Your Income In Any Market”


I am currently not accepting applications for Platinum Mentoring.  If you are interested in joining at the next available opportunity please send me a message on the “contact us” page (see link above) and I’ll add you to a preferred waiting list.  I have big changes coming soon to allow you to invest in the program & get all your investment back.

“September 1, 2005, A small group of Real Estate Investors Started Quietly Re-Inventing Their Businesses…Growing Their Incomes To Record Levels…And Transforming Their Personal Lives.”

This Letter Reveals How They Achieved Their Success, And Contains A Private Invitation For You To Join Them In The Only Personal Mentoring Program Of It’s Kind.

I’m Selecting Only A Small Group Of Our Members To Be Personally Mentored By Me. I’ll Take You By The Hand And Guide You Step-By-Step To Creating The Most Profitable, Most Fun, And Lowest Stress Year Of Your Career. Your Current Income Is NOT the Important Factor in Taking Part.

If You’re Serious About Multiplying Your Income, And Gaining A Personal Life That You Control, You’re Invited To Apply For Membership In This Elite Group. But You Must Act Now…”

Dear Friend and Client:

Thank you for investing your time to go through the Mini-Course. I’m sure you’ve gotten many times your investment out of it based on all the positive feedback we’ve gotten. Thank you for expressing the faith in my staff and me by taking time out of your busy schedule and your budget to put these new ideas into practice.

The big question is…which strategies have you now, or do you plan to apply to your investing business – and how do you implement everything that you have learned?

A few years ago I got introduced to direct marketing at a seminar. I immediately started implementing things and started on a quest for new ideas and information that has never stopped. In fact, every year I invest more and more money on my education through books, CD’s, seminars and mastermind groups. And each and every year it’s by far the biggest “payoff” investment I make. To continue being successful I need to continually sharpen my skills and associate myself with other like-minded people. I have several mentors who have helped me along my journey.

My discovery is not unusual. I’ve never seen a superstar in any profession who wasn’t relentlessly molded by a coach for most of their career. For example…

Michael Jordan was “cut” by his high school basketball team before his coach stepped forward and personally mentored him to become the greatest basketball player of all time. Tiger Woods was not only the youngest winner of the Masters golf championship, but he set the record for the lowest score. With all his skill and talent, he credits his success to his coach – in fact, many coaches. He still uses a coach.

No one ever won an Olympic gold medal without a coach. Actors and actresses like John Travolta, Jim Carey and Julia Roberts all have coaches. And according to Forbes Magazine, more and more of the nation’s top entrepreneurs, business owners and investors are all using coaches to help achieve new levels of success.

Regardless Of The Skills And Talents You Bring To Any Profession, Achieving Success All Alone Is A Grinding, Almost Hopeless Uphill Battle

“A Cookie Cutter System”

“The think I got…that I was really looking for was a “Road Map”. I had gone to boot camps, I was floundering around, I had started but I couldn’t get the results I needed…by understanding exactly what I needed to do, I’m now buying one to two houses per month. It’s something I never thought I’d be able to do. I really have to thank Mike for that. He really got me on track.” – Janet Renander – Colorado Springs, CO

If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed or stressed-out with them seemingly impossible task of building a business that supports your ideal lifestyle then you’ll want to read every word I’m about to tell you.
Here’s why…

You’ve probably heard me talk about my Mastermind Mentoring Club. If you haven’t been keeping up with the times, then allow me to bring you up to speed.

Every month, I personally spend time with my very best clients in my Mentoring club ramping up their investing business to warp speed with guaranteed, simple, proven and repeatable strategies. Until now I have held my Mentoring Club to a relatively small size and invited only those have already proven themselves in the “field” or those who’ve attended one of my workshops.

I have decided to expand my Mentoring Club to allow a few more ‘hand selected’ Clients to opportunity to join and be a part of this elite club.

And, that brings me to the real purpose of this letter…

Since you’ve invested your time and money to attend one of our workshops, I know you are serious about taking the steps necessary for significant changes in your investing and in your life. My sole purpose with this letter is to determine who are the ‘Super Serious’ and …well…who are just ‘tire-kicker’.

Remember, I am only going to accept a small HANDFUL of clients who I feel have what it takes to benefit from this program.

Since you’ve invested your time to go through our Mini-Course, YOU MAY QUALIFY for this program. You’ll have the chance to become one of only a chosen few clients who will have the privilege of discovering, masterminding with, and being coached by me, Michael Jake, along with my group of the most successful investors in the area.

All clients that respond to this letter are going to go through a stringent application process so I can decide one by one who qualifies and who doesn’t. In short, the group will be hand chosen. It has to be that way so I can insure that we have the best group of investors possible participating in this group.

Let me give you an idea of what this program is all about and what kind of impact it could have on your life…in the first six months of membership you will:

Be personally guided by Michael Jake on implementing the revolutionary actions designed to DOUBLE your income (we’re talking about take home “keepsie” money) while taking One Extra Day Off every week!! Imagine the peace of mind that type of income and freedom will provide!

However, multiplying your income while giving you more free time is only ONE benefit of belonging to “The Club”.

I’m talking about developing and teaching the simplest, easiest, and quickest ways to maximize your productivity, balance your life, earn more income and explode your net worth than you ever thought possible – without feeling overwhelmed or stressed out…and by working far fewer hours than you ever dreamed possible! In fact, you’ll actually feel guilty because you’ll have so much free time – but your still making lots of money! (but don’t worry you’ll get over it.)

Together, I’ll help you define your true goals in life, (Maybe making more money isn’t what will really make you happy, maybe it’s having more free time, less stress, a 3 week vacation, etc. etc.) We will work as a team to help you define and design a “life plan” while we continuously “tweak” and improve every aspect of your personal and professional life to produce multiples of the results you’re now obtaining – while working less than you have in years.

You’ll have scheduled meetings every month with not only me, but you can also draw on all the expertise of all the other Mentoring members. You’ll be THE force to reckon with in your marketplace.

Within weeks of starting in this program, you’re going to come to clearly understanding what Napoleon Hill meant when he wrote these memorable words in Think And Grow Rich…

“When riches begin to come they come so quickly, in such great abundance, that one wonders where they have been hiding during all those lean years.”

As a member of this elite program you will be taken “out of the books”, as you enjoy advanced learning workshops, discussions with current “Club” members, as well as, former clients success stories and mastermind groups with Michael’s investing team members that take the burden of many of the tasks off you back, so you can do the least and make the most. You will also be thrust into the heart of investing marketing programs and finally you’ll really “get it”.

The Closest You’ll Ever Come To Having Me Personally “Hold Your Hand” And Guide You Down The Pathway Of Success

I am already earning a substantial and comfortable income and often have a waiting list of clients wanting to hire me for personal consulting. So why would I take time out to personally work with a select group of clients in this Mentoring program?

That’s the question people close to me ask, and it’s a fair one as these same people know how busy I am. My answer to them is quite simple, “I like to do this more than any other part of my business.” While I have coached and worked with many individuals over the past few years, I’ve never before offered a Mentoring program of this magnitude.

That said, the question becomes “Why now?” Two reasons really.

First, I feel like I owe much of my success to a small group of mentors who have coached me to the levels of success I currently enjoy. My mentors have shared such an enormous treasure of powerful knowledge and “insider’s secrets” over the years that I felt like I’d be missing the mark if I didn’t share that knowledge with others. Mentors are important, very important.

The second reason is because of the tremendous demand for my consulting services, I’ve become more “unreachable” lately. In fact, my services have been in such demand that I’ve recently raised my standard consulting rate to $500.00 an hour or $4,000.00 a day for a single day of consulting. GULP!

So, with this evolution I’ve outgrown the majority of my clients’ budgets. Yet, I get continued requests for consultations. So…this got me thinking…and researching…and designing the Platinum Mentoring Club – a program based on the 1000′s of hours and hundreds of thousands of dollars I have invested in acquiring my expertise.

And the Club allows me to bring these gifts to our qualified clients 365 days a year – at a fraction of the cost of hiring me for a single day of consulting! It’s truly the closest thing to having me right there with you ever day, holding your hand, re-inventing your business day after day, that you’ll ever have!

Discover Why A Mastermind Group & A Coach Are The TRUE Secrets Of Success…

My Platinum Mentoring Club incorporates the most powerful, state-of-the-art teaching and learning methods available anywhere in the world today including allowing you to tap into the power of “The Mastermind”. The power of a “Mastermind” is phenomenal.

Napoleon Hill, author of Think and Grow Rich, made this discovery after years of studying the world’s wealthiest and most successful people, “you need brains besides you own.” That’s why step #9 to riches in his classic book is “Belonging to a Mastermind Group”.

Imagine, you will never be alone. Never be permanently “Stuck”. I have united a group of minds that are truly exceptional at succeeding in this industry and when you join this exceptional group you will discover ways of refining, growing, and flourishing in your life and business that you would never have discovered on your own.

Besides allowing you to tap into the power of the “Mastermind” you will discover the extraordinary benefits of having your own personal “Coach”.

If the world’s most successful athletes attribute much of their success to having a great coach, shouldn’t you tap into this success “secret” and start working with your own coach to help you reach your business and personal goals as well?

What if the only thing preventing you from finally achieving your income, business, and life goals is NOT having a coach?

You’ve probably had this experience sometime before, you attended a seminar, read a book, or listened to a tape and felt all fired up with so many phenomenal ideas in your head…ready to change your life! But you soon found yourself overwhelmed to the point of being frozen. Unable to put your new ideas to work, unsure of what direction to take.

Having a coach eliminates this frustration. If you have questions. They are answered. If you need a good “kick in the pants” to get motivated. You’ve got it.

I will push you to test your limits and achieve far more than you ever thought your were capable of achieving. I’ll be there with you, guiding you throughout the year, Mentoring your successes in every area of your life.

Can You Put A Price On Success?

You’ve probably assumed by now that there is an investment required somewhere along the line for a program this valuable. And, you are right.

What is the cost of the program? It’s not cheap. I’ll make no apologies for that. Of course, my own education and expertise has not come cheap either. I’ve invested over a hundred thousand dollars to gain my knowledge and experience, and I continue to happily invest tens of thousands more in learning from the “Masters” every year. (Heck, I just invested over 14,000 to be involved in my own Mastermind Group of National Investors – it’s a small price to pay for just one idea that I got from that group this last year will easily make me 10 times that amount!)

The process you will undergo once embarking into this program will touch every aspect of your life. You will stretch higher, work wiser and undergo transformation at a level you can’t begin to imagine yet.

And in the end, your initial investment of time and money will seem absolutely nil in comparison to the wealth you’ll receive – both in your swelling bank account, exploding Net worth and in the value of fresh ideas and invigorating, new STRESS FREE lifestyle.

So, how much is it? I GUARANTEE that is very affordable and your experience (and results) as a Member will more than justify the investment. As an average “deal” structured by my Mastermind Mentoring Clients ranges around the $27,000 mark, your investment is but a small percentage, yet expensive enough for you to grasp the real value you have at your finger tips and the proven road map of success you can repeat over and over as much, or as little, as you like.

A recent study cited the average cost of a 4 year college degree is over $100,000 and the average starting salary resulting is $37,832. If you look past the fact it takes you 4 YEARS to get there, it only takes 1 and a half of my deals to replace that salary…you can do that in a month and take the other 11 months off if you like. An Average real estate investor purchases 8 properties a year. Following my simple system, and only being average; my system is worth $216,000 a year to you. However, my students are of the highest caliber investors in their area and many are buying 1 or 2 houses a month, making their investment in my Mastermind Mentoring Group worth $324,000 to $648,000 each and every year…all while working on a part-time basis.

$103,000.00 in 7 Months!

“After having our son, my husband and I wanted to be self-employed and knew real estate investing was best for us. We started our real estate investment business in July, 2004. We had a slow start…In the following 18 months, we had only purchased 2 single family homes for our business. In February, 2006, we were accepted into Michael Jake‘s Platinum Consulting Group. Beyond learning more about real estate investing, we learned the value of consistant marketing (something we had not implemented in our business previously). By implementing the marketing, purchase and sale techniquest Michael taught us, our business exploded…in the 7 months since beginning the Platinum Consulting Group, our company has purchased 4 single family homes. On average, we will profit $25,750 per house.” Lindsey Cameron-Aparicio – Work-From-Home-Mom of a 2 1/2 Year Old Boy

So all that aside, I’ve made your investment an easy decision. I have made this program available for as little as $2,997 to become involved in this life changing program. I have options to do “deal splits” payments over time or discounts for prepayment.

If you ONLY do 2 deals a year (many of my Mastermind Mentoring Clients do that in a month), You would put more than your investment back into your pocket, plus have the tax advantages of owning real estate that can lower you’re taxable income so you’d KEEP more than you investment in tax dollars you won’t have to needlessly donate to Uncle Sam.

Your First Step Toward High Income, Stress Free Living

Because I give so much personal time, energy, and resources to this program, I want it to be the most fun, most exhilarating, and most profitable program I’ve ever done. This is a VERY special program. So, not only must I keep the Club limited in size to insure I give our best attention to it’s members, but I must also be sure that every Member of the Mastermind Mentoring Club is truly serious about maximizing their success. Therefore, I’ve decided that only a certain ‘caliber’ of individual may be involved in the program.

With that in mind, you must show me that you are serious about making changes in your business and your lifestyle by completing and returning the enclosed membership application for review.

You must complete this membership form and return it to us by September 29th in order to be eligible for consideration.

Just to give you and idea for what we are looking for in our members. To be considered for the program you must:

  1. Be very, very serious about your desire to (at least) double or triple your income in the next 12 months.
  2. You must be willing to take the time to develop a solid plan (with our guidance) for success in ALL areas of your life and follow through on the plan to develop.
  3. You must be beyond the “magic bullet” mentality – not expecting to do it all for you, but committed to a “partnership” approach.
  4. You must be willing to make a substantial investment of time, energy, and resources to MAXIMIZE your success.
  5. You must be willing to take responsibility for your mistakes, learn from them and move on.
  6. You must not have a “Victim” mentality; this program is not for whiners or people who cannot take responsibility for themselves and their actions – honestly this program is for “Players” who recognize the realities behind success.
  7. You must be honest and always try to do the “right thing”.
  8. You must be a pleasant person. We only want to work with people that are stimulating to us.

I suggest you take the next step toward success by filling out the membership application and rushing it to my office. I promise you that our journey together in the Mastermind Mentoring Club will be one of the most satisfying, most rewarding, most profitable, and most fun experiences you’ll ever have. You will look back one day and see this as truly a pivotal point in your life and be thankful.

Hey, and don’t be intimidated if you don’t feel like a “success” yet. I’m far more interested in your desire to improve and your willingness to take action to get new results in your life than I am in any past success you have (or haven’t) had.

So, if you are serious about FINALLY reaching your goals (or even just defining them), if you’re serious about realizing your dreams, and finding that perfect balance between success and piece of mind, then you owe it to yourself to fill out the enclosed membership form and return it to my office immediately, while a spot is still available in this exclusive Club.

I’m looking forward to helping make you the next 6 months your BEST months ever. I’m sure you are as well.

To Your Continued Success,

Michael Jake

PS #1     I’ll be evaluating applications on a “first come, first served basis. Once I reach the limit of new candidates who fully qualify for this special Mastermind Mentoring Club, I’ll close the doors and no additional applications will be accepted. If you’re serious about MAXIMIZING your income, while achieving the perfect balance between your business and your personal life, take the step and complete the membership application form today.

PS#2     I’m far more concerned with your desire to succeed than the results you’ve gotten in the past. So don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity by not filling out the application because you think you might not qualify.

PS#3     Don’t forget, you can get involved in this life changing program for as little as $2,997 up front. Don’t let this opportunity pass you buy, fill out your application now!

“Stay at Home Mom Makes $5,000 in 3 Days!”
“I Just collected $5,000 on my first deal 3 days after using just one of your systems.” – Lynsey Apprecio – Colorado Springs, CO

“$14,000 in 21 days!”
“We bought a house up in Briargate…Gosh it needed a lot of work, it needed $15-18,000 worth of work, we didn’t put a cent into it. We bought it for $168,000 and after paying all the commissions, we made $14,000 in 21 was kinda nice!” Janet Renander – Colorado Springs, CO

“Former school teacher more than doubles salary in 9 months”
…He exudes the depth and meaning of the word entrepreneur. His vision and goal setting should be an inspiration to those that work with him. I have made my goals and am inspiring to be an entrepreneur and I have found leadership and guidance from Michael. He has taken my business from 2 leads a month, to 2 leads a day. My skills have increased exponentially. Michael’s knowledge of real estate, sales and marketing have met and exceeded my expectations. Michael has jump started my career as well as shown me how to live a life without limitations. – Jim Sharp, Colorado Springs, CO

“$47,283.00 on First Deal!”
I knew absolutely nothing when I got started. I hadn’t even read any books about how to invest in real estate, but I had a good friend who had done it and I figured it was worth jumping into. My first deal after all was said and done, was worth $47,283.00 Cash. That’s more than I made in the last 2 years slaving 60 hours a week managing a restaurant. - Evan Coverdell – Whitefish, MT

“Single Mom Makes $40,000 on First House”
“…incredibly valuable to my real estate business. On my first deal while working with him, I’ll make about $40,000 once they cash me out this summer…Thank you so much, Mike.” – Gaylyn Williams – Colorado Springs, CO

“A Cookie Cutter System”
“The think I got…that I was really looking for was a “Road Map”. I had gone to boot camps, I was floundering around, I had started but I couldn’t get the results I needed…by understanding exactly what I needed to do, I’m now buying one to two houses per month. It’s something I never thought I’d be able to do. I really have to thank Mike for that. He really got me on track.” – Janet Renander – Colorado Springs, CO

“Unemployed to $100,000 Cash in Less Than A Year”
“First and foremost, my family and I would like to thank you all of your help in 2005 and the major impact your mentoring and friendship has made in our lives. Though most people would have faced financial and mental devastation from the loss of the primary wage earner’s job, your guidance has turned tradgedy into triumph. From Isabella, Abby, and myself we send a heartfelt thank you and Merry Christmas to you and your family.”
Donny Coram – Colorado Springs, CO