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I know this…because that ex-corporate slave is me. My Name is Michael Jake and I’m Colorado’s leading single family house investing expert.

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Michael Jake, your “Local Mentor” and Colorado’s leading single family house investing expert, has created an absolutely amazing free course called “How To Succeed in Today’s Estate Market.” This FREE Mini-Course will reveal how you can make a boatload of cold hard cash in today’s troubled Real Estate market.

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  • The most common mistakes for all investors to avoid when buying and selling houses in Colorado.
  • How to create a $5,000 paycheck within the first 45 days in business without ever owning a house.
  • Low-cost marketing techniques to attract motivated sellers to call you and pre-screening tools so you only deal with the most motivated of the batch. And how to pre-screen them in less than two minutes.
  • Why houses don’t sell and why most are people problems easily fixed.
  • The art of making an offer on a single-family house. It took me ten years to perfect this simple system that prevents failure and keeps you from making mistakes.

…and many more time-tested millionaire making secrets straight from Colorado’s leading single family house investing expert expert and his years of in-the-trenches real world experience from completing over 379+ transactions.


This mini-course will open your eyes to a world of Wealth Building Possibilities!


So Michael, Why Are You Giving Away This Mini-Course for FREE?

  • I offer this free, no hassle Mini-Course because every new student success story I help create makes me just that much more famous here in Colorado. And that fame means more credibility to people who don’t know me yet.
  • And, I’ll be honest with you. Helping people get rich also helps me because, every so often, this free Mini-Course turns up someone with the kind of fire I’m looking for in a partner.
  • Finding just one person who can quickly learn the ropes, and who agrees to let me structure, negotiate and in some cases fund their projects, is worth many, many thousands of dollars to both of us.
  • This is what I call a win-win deal, and that’s a big part of the principles behind what I teach about real estate investment.
  • So while you win just by learning these Colorado money-making real estate secrets…I win too sometimes. I’m always hunting for people to work with, because I’ve got more deals than I’ve got time, and there are an amazing number of opportunities for fast real estate fortunes, especially in today’s foreclosure market.

What Else Do I Receive With This Mini-Course?

When you order your Mini-Course now, you will receive seven (7) bonus gifts  worth a total of $719 which includes the 7-Step Mini Course, 3.5 hours of audio training, a strategy session and my ongoing real estate investing tips e-mail newsletter…all FREE.

  • Bonus Gift #1: Free Instant Download of My CD – “How To Make $5,000 in 45 Days.” An Insider’s guide on 5 little known secrets that puts $5,000 Cash in your pocket I’ll show you several ways you can make this happen. (Value $97)
  • Bonus Gift #2: Get a FREE interview on how Michael went from dead broke to multimillionaire in 3 years! This is an incredible “information only” interview with Doug Smith. Doug paid me over $1500 to deliver 2 hours of nothing but content. He grilled me about every aspect of my real estate investing business. He sells this interview regularly for $97. You can get it for FREE (Value $97)
  • Bonus Gift #3: How To Get Unlimited Deals - Another interview with real estate investor and attorney Bill Bronchick for his $497 a month online mentoring program where I reveal my secrets to using “bird-dogs” to bring me deals on an effortless and ongoing basis. This is a very valuable interview others paid $497 a month to listen to. – Free 75-Minute pure content Fast Start training session!  (Value $497)
  • Bonus Gift #4: Free One-on-One Strategy Session with THE “Local Mentor” himself, Michael Jake – Free 30-Minute “Real Estate Millionaire Intensive Fast Start Phone Strategy Session!” (Value $200)
  • Bonus Gift #5: FREE Membership to The Monthly Mentoring Trainings – When you get your Mini-Course today you’ll also receive a membership into my “Monthly Mentoring Meetings” program so you can see how powerful and profitable the information truly is. By attending these meetings you’ll receive ongoing training on topics like these:

  • Researching your market
  • Wholesaling
  • Pre-foreclosure investing
  • Finding your unique talents
  • Plan to get out of debt
  • Quick Cash Infusions
  • Selling Houses Fast
  • Personality profiles
  • Buying property
  • Phone Selling
  • Negotiation with different personalities
  • How to create copy
  • Deal review program
  • Paperwork
  • Buying houses
  • Google Adwords and SEO
  • And much much more!
Plus, as long as I teach these sessions you may attend for free! (Value $29 per month)

  • Bonus Gift #6: You’ll be entitled to a FREE membership in my “Colorado Millionaire Maker Newsletter.” The real estate investing tips in here are easily worth $200 per year but you cannot pay for them at any price. These valuable tips are a gift to you for being a valued subscriber (Value: Priceless)

Total Bonus Value: $829.00+

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“$XX,XXX in 21 days!”

“We bought a house up in Briargate” Gosh it needed a lot of work, it needed $XX,XXX-XX,XXX worth of work, we didn’t put a cent into it. We bought it for $XXX,XXX and after paying all the commissions, we made $XX,XXX in 21 was kinda nice!”Janet Renander – Colorado Springs, CO


“$XX,XXX on First Deal!”

“My first deal after all was said and done, was worth $XX,XXX Cash. That’s more than I made in the last 2 years slaving 60 hours a week managing a restaurant.” Evan Coverdell


“$XX,XXX on First Deal”

“I’m Bob Mauro from Littleton, Colorado,  my first deal netted me $XX,XXX in profit and haven”t looked back so thank you so much Mike, appreciate all your work and love all the help you given me, thanks!”

- – Bob Mauro, Colorado


“$XX,XXX even in a down market”

“I will net around $XX,XXX on that first deal. And even in this down market I was able to get my second deal already and I’ll be closing on that in the next few weeks.” – - Dennis Privitera, Colorado Springs

All testimonials are real and submitted by actual students of Michael Jake.

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